Environmental Justice

Our public sector clients rely on us to actively engage communities that may be disproportionately impacted by environmental impacts and/or don’t engage in traditional public processes due to barriers such as language, culture, accessibility, education, etc. We start first with a comprehensive assessment of project issues and impacts, potentially affected communities and demographics, communication needs and constraints, and stakeholder organizations with community reach. Based on this assessment we formulate an action plan for outreach and engagement to successfully inform and solicit input for collaborative issue resolution.

On-Site Placement

Serving as an in-house representative of our client, we provide strategic counsel, community and media relations, and other public information functions on a daily basis for the duration of a special project or ongoing program.

Strategic Planning

Over the years, our clients have leveraged our facilitation and organizational development experience to assist with strategic planning. Whether seeking a solution to jump start a stalled process or establishing a road map for achieving refreshed goals, we have provided needed assistance at critical junctures. A successful process relies on a neutral facilitator experienced in strategic planning coupled with an adequate assessment of challenges and objectives, so that a tailored strategic planning process can be designed. We utilize interactive discussion activities from our facilitation tool kit to help participants brainstorm, prioritize, and listen to the perspectives of their colleagues, resulting in focused goals, objectives, strategies and performance measures.


We offer a wide range of training workshops and seminars to meet the needs of government agencies, corporations and nonprofits. From media relations to construction management to conflict management and public participation, we can train your employees to deal with a variety of situations effectively and efficiently. Training modules include:

  • Media and Presentation Training
  • Spokesperson Training
  • Public Participation
  • Crisis Communication
  • Risk Communication
  • Construction Relations
  • Conflict Management