Katz & Associates provides a flexible array of services synchronized with our clients’ diverse industries and needs, rather than merely a catalog of standard communication skills. Our commitment to achieving successful outcomes means that we constantly adjust our services to respond to evolving community, regulatory and environmental trends. Whether the goal is to inform, facilitate dialogue, resolve issues or encourage environment-friendly behaviors, we can orchestrate a multi-pronged program designed for results.

Community Outreach

Our successful track record includes tailored community outreach programs conducted at the local, regional, and statewide levels. Depending on circumstances, we design programs that inform, engage productive dialogue, and/or identify and resolve issues. Importantly, we customized each outreach program to respond to project needs, our research, and community characteristics. Effective community outreach programs also require in-depth knowledge of community structures, nongovernmental organizations, opinion leader networks, policy-making bodies and interest groups.

Construction Relations

We have developed a niche in helping clients work with communities affected by construction projects. Whether a local improvement project or large-scale public works program, we help ensure a smooth construction process by establishing two-way, empathetic communication and identifying areas of compromise between local residents and businesses and the construction management team. We communicate about detours and temporary impacts, while helping to find ways to address issues and concerns raised by affected stakeholders.

Crisis & Issues Management

Our team can offer you immediate crisis management services and help manage media inquiries, disseminate information to all target audiences and mobilize your internal crisis management team efficiently. We also work with clients to develop crisis communication plans and train spokespeople so they are prepared in advance, should the unthinkable occur.

Public Affairs

We offer a historical understanding of specific policy issues that impact our clients, as well as a working knowledge of local, state and federal government processes. We develop a comprehensive approach to issues management that includes public opinion research, recruitment of third-party allies, coalition management, message development, policy briefings and media outreach. Read more.


Public Participation

Public agencies and private organizations are becoming increasingly aware of the many benefits of involving the public early on when issues affect neighborhoods, taxpayers, ratepayers and other stakeholders. K&A has a solid track record of helping clients develop and manage public involvement processes for plans and projects involving community development, water, transportation, environmental sustainability, facilities siting, and education.