One of Katz & Associates’ advantages is our involvement in multiple practice areas, from water supply and infrastructure to transportation and environmental planning.

The key is always starting with research and analysis to formulate the best strategy, based on the specific communications goals of individual projects and clients. Once the strategy is established, we apply the appropriate skills and resources from our multi-disciplinary staff. Learn more about our practice areas below:


Katz & Associates is one of the nation’s leading communication firms specializing in water issues for governmental agencies, including projects that integrate emerging technologies and practices. For nearly 30 years, we have informed communities about water resources and the science of water purification technologies. We bring unparalleled experience and expertise in the areas of conducting public outreach about water recycling, indirect potable reuse, desalination and other types of water supply projects. Across the county, we have supported projects by informing and involving the public on important topics related to water conservation, supply, resources and quality.


We understand the range of community issues and challenges that can arise during transportation projects. Katz & Associates has successfully conducted public outreach on issues such as transportation planning and design, and construction projects involving highway transit, bicycle and pedestrian mobility. Such projects can impact not only traffic, infrastructure and the environment but also quality of life, public health, business operations and community structure. We employ a variety of methods to inform and involve the public in transportation projects to ensure your project moves ahead successfully.



Although the inherent complexity of environmental projects makes communications challenging, involving our proven experts will benefit any situation. We conduct public involvement processes for environmental impact review studies under CEQA and NEPA, create programs to educate the public and encourage environmental protection and conservation, deploy risk communication programs for hazardous material remediation, and disseminate information on environmental issues and events on your behalf.


Finding ways to reduce energy consumption, while meeting energy demands with new technologies and resources, requires addressing social, economic, and environmental concerns. Using collaborative problem solving approaches and issues-based communication techniques, Katz & Associates has designed and conducted public participation programs that have built credibility for high profile energy projects. (more)



Katz & Associates’ skilled professionals understand military projects often require specialized forms of communication to address unique issues. Our team members have worked extensively with the military services in developing and implementing strategic communication, stakeholder outreach and public involvement programs for complex, technical and controversial environmental planning and cleanup projects.

Community Planning

Community planning by definition involves residents, businesses, and stakeholder organizations, and Katz & Associates brings proven experience in public involvement strategy, tools and facilitation to productively engage the full spectrum of perspectives. With planning projects, we understand the importance of synchronizing community involvement with the vision, goals and alternatives phases.

Private Industry

Our team provides full-service marketing and public relations support to a variety of private industry clients. From crisis communication planning and implementation, to strategic communication planning and development, to marketing material design and production, to aggressive media relations program management, our team of skilled communication professionals help private industry clients market their goods and services to diverse audiences throughout the country. We’ve conducted communication programs for retailers, non-profit organizations, educational institutions, commercial developers, manufacturing and service businesses, to name a few.