SANDAG/MTS Trolley Renewal

CHA_0756The San Diego Trolley has been in operation for more than 30 years and many of the existing infrastructure was aged and ready for upgrades. The Trolley Renewal Project was a $660 million undertaking to rebuild the Green, Orange and Blue Lines, and the accompanying traction power substations and grade crossings. Upgrades to the station amenities included new shelters, signage, track, switches, overhead electric wire and more. Once work was completed, new low-floor trolleys would operate on the entire MTS Trolley network, making trips faster, more comfortable and more convenient for all passengers.

K&A was hired to keep residents, businesses and local community leaders informed about the trolley track, substation or grade crossing construction, including potential impacts. To explain the purpose behind the construction and how the long-term benefits of the enhancements would outweigh the present inconveniences. A summary of K&A’s work includes:

  • Distributed a direct mailer to nearly 2,000 stakeholders located along the Blue Line corridor.
  • Conducted door-to-door outreach to hundreds of businesses and homes throughout the City of San Diego communicating the current construction schedule, including potential impacts.
  • Developed mail and email contact lists, including community leaders, residents and businesses near trolley construction and interested community members.
  • Mailed postcards to contacts in various cities to alert them about the start of construction.
  • Developed a PowerPoint presentation for use when introducing the project to city councils.
  • Worked with MTS to host a joint grand opening and completion event for the Green Line.
  • Developed a variety of collateral materials, including construction advisories for any area undergoing construction, postcards, door hangers, windshield notices, posters and an e-blast construction notice template.
  • Created and distributed regular trolley construction update e-blasts.
  • Updated the current SANDAG social media profiles with construction progress.
  • Managed a project information phone line and email system for interested community members. Responded to community members’ questions regarding the project.
  • Coordinated with the U.S. Navy, whose buildings are located near various trolley construction sites.
  • Developed and posted signage at construction sites to accommodate businesses located near the areas.
  • Developed a project information contact card to distribute to stakeholders.

Despite delays in construction as well as unexpected schedule changes, K&A kept community members informed about construction and has responded in a timely manner to concerned stakeholders. Due to the bulk of work happening in dense, heavily populated downtown areas and residential neighborhoods, K&A has also been able to notify hard-to-reach residents who do not sign up for regular project updates through in-person outreach.