SANDAG/MTS Mid-Coast Trolley Project

UTC Station Render_Page_1As part of the 11-mile extension of San Diego’s trolley network through several coastal communities, K&A coordinated public outreach and engagement to residents and businesses impacted by the relocation of existing utility infrastructure. With necessary water service interruptions, traffic controls, night time work hours and construction noise as part of the process, K&A designed a robust program to clearly communicate with affected residents while facilitating dialogue about construction timelines and quality of life concerns. By keeping local interests engaged and informed, K&A has promoted a streamlined work flow while minimizing negative community reaction as part of the Mid-Coast Trolley Project.

Maintaining a steady flow of information so impacted residents have clear expectations for work in their area has garnered community buy-in to the transit project while avoiding complaints from unexpected inconveniences. K&A has engaged the affected community at multiple degrees of intimacy—from high level project coverage to face-to-face dialogue. A summary of our work includes:

  • Reach stakeholders through door-to-door outreach visits to explain the project and its potential impacts
  • Design and distribute informational notices and mailers for water interruptions
  • Establish rapid response hotline and website for stakeholder questions and concerns
  • Create door hanger notices informing residents and businesses of ongoing work efforts in their area, establishing clear expectations for work impacts and duration
  • Manage social media campaigns informing interested audiences of ongoing work status from high-level progression of the entire rail line to daily updates on specific work areas
  • Coordinated outreach to residential and commercial property owners to establish information flow to their tenants and provide periodic town hall style briefings on the project
  • Research traditional and online media sources along project route to provide project updates for publishing in print or online
  • Facilitated design of project collateral through K&A graphic design team to create a unified aesthetic for all project materials

Stakeholders have been actively engaged in the project’s high-level progression in addition to receiving targeted updates on specific work areas relevant to their homes and businesses. K&A has found success in mitigating the impacts of any work by informing affected parties proactively and setting a clear outlook for the duration and degree of any work in their area. K&A has responded quickly to any stakeholder concerns with empathetic and honest project information, allowing construction teams on the ground to focus on work progression.